About us

Digiboo is the first video platform that focuses on education. The basic content of Digiboo is webinars, courses and video tweets. We came to this specialization after a year of active operation of the video hosting of the same name, which is now called Digiboo Video and is available at www.digiboo.video. Digiboo's educational video platform follows our company's core mission to promote personal human evolution: from homo habilis to homo sapiens.

What are the main features of our platform, and why is it the best choice for aspiring and established online schools?

Digiboo is essentially the first educational marketplace that offers public access to a multitude of learning programs. For users, this means a large selection of topics and directions in one place, in one interface, an opportunity for versatile development. For content creators it is an additional audience, collaboration with colleagues in infobusiness. For example, adding to the value of the sold course a discount on a synergistic partner course, joint formation of educational chains, personal social bows, etc. The latter refers to the administrative work of our platform, which will be the initiator of this kind of projects, organizer of mass thematic events, will help with the financing of launches, to PR promising brands working in Digiboo and many others. In this sense, our platform can be called the first educational social media of its kind. 

To the list of Digiboo advantages should be added: 

  • No subscription fees for using the platform.
  • Ease of launching a personalized online school. The Digiboo interface is not much different from the familiar YouTube interface. 
  • The presence of a financial ecosystem will save you from the need to connect a payment system with all the formalities arising from this procedure. You will need a legal entity only at the stage of withdrawing money. 
  • The presence of a unique webinar room with a mechanism for real-time analysis of the characteristics of your listeners on such parameters as - attentiveness, engagement, emotionality, fatigue and absent-mindedness.
  • Built-in advertising cabinet, allowing you to promote your courses and events.
  • Videotweets - short vertical videos with free announcements of planned launches. 
  • Built-in messenger that allows you to contact administrators of educational channels directly.

The platform is owned by Digiboo Intellect Systems, a company specializing in the development and management of media projects, actively supporting cultural initiatives. In 2023, Digiboo Video became the main platform for the International Literary Award. 


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