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Criminal NEWS
"DIGIBOO" - official news resource in the world of rabbits

What can a rabbit say?
What thoughts are in the head of this creature?
The editor-in-chief of our publication interviewed
the most famous "screaming" rabbit. All the details
of life on the farm. Intimacy does not offer!
How to survive if you have magka fur.
All the hidden will become available.
A well-known blogger went crazy and destroyed
all of her subscribers. As it reacted to the "white" rabbit.
After all, now all the views are chained to his new book
"Life after the cabbage hail." The book became a bestseller.
On 15 pages, the story unfolds and ends in an unexpected way.
Cabbage, carrots, beets, it's all vegetables. They grow up
in patches with impunity. This must be stopped.
He was caught!
Widely known in narrow circles, the rabbit was caught. This happened back in June 2016, but the information became available only now. The rabbit was detained for eating carrots.
All this time he was silent and did not give evidence.
Recently he said: "Take me away from here!"
To whom this message is addressed is not yet known. Sooner or later he will begin to testify. What kind of carrots?

Where is she from? And other important issues.
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Other News

What is known about rabbits
Rabbits clearly differ from hares in terms of their altritsialnosti - their cubs are born blind
and bald, grow in burrows. Cubs of hares are born with wool and with the ability to see.
All rabbits, except for the American rabbit, live in underground burrows, often deep and complex;
While the hares live in simple nests that are located on the ground (just like American rabbits do).
Hares, in addition, usually do not live in groups. Hares in general are larger than rabbits,
their ears are longer and they have black marks on their fur. Rabbits are still not tamed -
rabbits often act as pets.
The invasion of European wild rabbits into Australia
began in 1856 with the conquest of the southeastern
part of the continent. Rabbits brought with them colonists,
and those for 50 years, settled in the area of ​​Australia,
over an area of ​​more than half of Europe, the reason for
this was the rabbit's fertility (one female for the year
gives birth to 40 rabbits) and the lack of natural enemies.
The rabbits ate the vegetation that the local animal
species ate, and evicted them from the burrows, which
led to the disappearance of many representatives of the
local fauna and forests, as rabbits ate young shoots,
preventing trees from growing.
Criminal NEWS
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