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TIM ROEMER Sunset Session at Baba Nest
Sri panwa Phuket presents Quarantine Sunset Session with Tim Roemer.
Deep in his spine Tim hosts the spirit of a dancer. His rhythmic and
uplifting sounds clash together the groovy vibe of a Mexican salsa bar
with the impulsive bliss of an electronic music venue. Throughout his
time in Asia Tim has thrown some remarkable sets at Baba Beach Club,
Wonderfruit, Mystic and Quest Festival. Since 2013 he hosts his own new
years festival called “Flying To The Moon” taking place at the remote
eco-friendly island Koh Mak in Thailand. The concept embodies the ritual
of a 3-days dancing journey welcoming the new born year together with
likeminded underground music lovers. Tim has many musical flavors to
share from his German roots but is always excited to explore new
journeys interacting on one level with his crowd.
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Baba Beach Club
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Be Svendsen live session was recorded at Baba Beach Club on December
After starting his solo project in 2011, Be Svendsen released a series
of EPs and remixes which spun across the international scene. Following
acclaimed festival performances and tours through Europe, USA, Canada,
Australia and Africa, the Danish musician has become a treat on the
global festival scene, a proponent of a uniquely organic, genre-bending
sound best described as ‘Tarantino Techno’. Rather like Tarantino,
Svendsen’s art has the distinction of being rooted in both the familiar
and the obscure. The playful and the ironic. His is an alluring fusion
of syncopated beats, rendered vocals, world-music, atypical sampling and
live instrumentals, synthesized by the meditative qualities of

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